Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Poem of Rain

Wet, noisy
landing, raining, pouring,
Rains for a week,

The Acrostic Poem.

When it’s winter people stay inside and wraps up warm
Its cold and frosty outside
Now it’s cold now it’s frosty everyone keeps warm
The frost shows on the green grass showing how cold it is
Everyone keeps warm before bed, on a cold winters night
Raining and raining when will it go away

When it’s winter I think about the warmth
Every second of the day I wish I was in my bed.
Although it’s cold I still play and have fun.
The trees have no leaves on them.
Has it ever stopped raining I think every day I walk to school in the cold rain
Every winter morning it seems like it’s starts to rain.
Rain rain will it ever stop raining?

Monday, 22 June 2015



  Nice, kind friend
  Imaginative Thinking
  Cool personality
  Original and self being
a Likeable friend
  Educated brain

  Amazing at what I do
  Special in every way
  Happy every day
  Well being self controls
  Elegant sometime
  Lovable, likeable and caring

  Loose person